What is left behind, stays with you. A short physical theatre piece on ghosts and pasts.

The past is always present, like a ghost at your side, it interacts with you everyday in the simplest and strangest ways. It can support you, define you, hold you back, change your perception, lift you up and guide you. Torn out book pages create the image of flickering memories blackened by trauma and shaping not just the past but the present and future as well. A man is cleaning out in the mess of his past, trying to forget and store away what he doesn’t want to remember. But what happens when the past just won’t let go? Remnant invites the audience to reflect on the influence of their own past on their lives.

Concept and Performance Wayne Götz, Elina Brams Ritzau
Outside Eye Thomas Stich

Duration 12 Minuten

Photography André Syman 

  Lights off!