Ronja the Robber’s Daughter 

TOBOSO plays Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter by Astrid Lindgren — Adapted for the stage by Christian Schönenfelder 

"Ronja, your life is off to a tremendous start." With these words Lovis greets the robber's daughter as, on the night of her birth, lightning strikes the Mattis castle and splits it in two. Ronja loves life among the wild robbers in the castle of her father, the robber chief Mattis. However, she is just as fascinated by the dense Mattis forest, which she explores along with all its mysterious dangers. One day she meets Birk, the son of Mattis' arch-enemy, the robber chief Borka, who has secretly moved into the empty part of the castle with his own gang. The two children soon form a deep friendship. When Mattis discovers that his daughter is fraternising with the enemy, the quarrel between the two chiefs turns even more bitter and Ronja has to decide where her loyalties lie. The audience has to prepare themselves not only for ferocious robbers and gruesome wild druids – TOBOSO invites the audience onto the stage. Here they join in as robbers and forest animals, but above all they are brought along to become accomplices of the robber's daughter on her road to self-determination. A piece to both watch, listen to, feel and participate in… 

With Elisa Berrod, Moritz Fleiter, Elina Brams Ritzau, Fabian Sattler, Sindy Tscherrig
Direction Moritz Fleiter, Fabian Sattler
Stage and Costumes Sanda Hilli Becker
Music Lukas Tobiassen
Lights Simon Knöß

Photos André Symann

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