The Peculiars: Speaking of Love 

"We would like to play you a couple of love songs. From our hearts to yours."

"Now you might think: Isn’t that a bit cliché? Love songs. But we think love is timeless, ever present, ever lasting. But who says you’ll have only the one? What about the second or the fifth one? What about the crooked and funny one. The silly and twisted one?" — Elly Ritz of The Peculiars  

The Peculiars: Speaking of Love is a jazz show with a couple of twists. A concert containing all manners of covered love songs varying both in original genre, artist, and release date but with one thing in common. They are all not about the one true love. Rather they speak of love’s other constellations and those sides of love they don’t show in the movies. The strange, contradictory, breathtaking or even quite unspectacular sides of love. The times when love got old and obsolete or was too young to last. To add to the tension the quintet takes you through not just any love stories but their own tangles and affairs song by song. Playing with the cliché of their own coolness and flirting with each other and the audience The Peculiars draw you into their intimate jazzy world.

The Peculiars
Drums Bruna Cabral aka Lil’Pepper
Double Bass Kevin Hemkemeier aka Sven Ernst
Saxophone Jakob Jentgens aka J.J. Jenkins
Keys Nicklas John aka Johnny John
Vocals Elina Brams Ritzau aka Elly Ritz 

Fotos André Syman, Micaela Alaniz 

  Lights off!